Friday, January 11, 2013

Canada, Eh

My annual trip to B.C. to visit family was cancelled in 2012 and reschedulled. My youngest broke her leg and wore a full leg cast for most of the summer. She had a tiny wheelchair. It looks like no permanent damage was done but she still complains of leg pain now and then.

We ended up going to Canada in November. I was not ready for the weather. While it was much warmer than Idaho it rained almost everyday we were there (that part didnt bother me) but the damp cold made a wimp. I wore a jacket indoors.

On our walk downtown I walked by some fantastic chalk art leftover from an art fair. Isn't that portrait amazing?

I noticed a ramped up trend too. Victoria was big into recycling when I live there (almost 14 years ago) but it has really taken it to a new level.
The bike and cart you see goes around to the downtown businesses and picks up their recycling. I also saw a compost section in the food court at the mall. In addition to recycling your paper, plastic and glass youc an now compost.
Most stores still don't have plastic bags and you have to bring your own. And in an upscale hispter clothing store they had a seperate bin to put your recycled paper hand towel so it could be recycled again.

Where I live we have almost zero
recycling. My small town (around 2700) finally put up a cardboard recycling bin and even that took years.

I also noticed how much my oldest is growing up, She is almost as tall as me and has a full shoe size bigger. I am betting on a final height of 5'7" for this new 13 year old. I am 5'5".

Today is a snow day and school was cancelled. It certainly looks like a blizzard out there. I am going to stay in and see what I can get done.

You can see more of my facination with recycling in Victoria on my Instagram profile (and my sewing stuff). I am tinyglutton.



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